In total 4 caravans met on Friday 05 October in Gransee, north of Berlin. Thus half of the entire German fleet was assembled at the drop zone caravan by GoJump.

Three short 208 and one Grand CargoMaster ....

Auf das Bild klicken um Vergrößerung anzuzeigenTwo planes, the D-FALK and the D-FAST from Business Wings of Kassel. The D-FIXX, the Grand CargoMaster of Skydive MV from Neustadt-Glewe and of course the funky Caravan D-FUNK from Itzehoe.

Now, should not every 4 caravans be used simultaneously, it was only each change of 2 machine. For the D-FIXX came the D-FUNK and D-FALK was replaced by D-FAST.

D-FAST and D-FUNK then subsequently flew more than 40 loads on a sunny weekend at GoJump in Gransee.