26 Loads in just one weekend and in October! The reason was a training camp of European canopy formation jumpers in Gransee (north of Berlin), which was a last preparation before an upcoming world record attempt next year in Eloy, Arizona. The D-Funk came to support the local Caravan D-FAST to Gransee.

Kappenformation über GranseeBoth planes also flew four times formations loads where 28 Springer simultaneously got carried in the air.

On Sunday afternoon, after another 6 loads of D-FUNK and just when the situation relaxed in Gransee, an "emergency" call came by Yuu-Skydive from Itzehoe, where the present Pink Skyvan because of a technical defect completely failed. In coordination with GoJump, Gransee the D-FUNK launched to Itzehoe and was able to save another 6 loads within the afternoon for the parachutists of YUU-Skydive.

So there were a total of 26 loads, or 7 hours of flight time for the D-FUNK at the weekend 06./07. October 2007.

Foto (c) 2007 by Peter Wohler